when i listen to you boys and when i watch you perform, sometimes i’m kind of weirded out by the fact that you’re still rookies. it’s like “really? these guys have only been at this for a year?” and i almost forget that it hasn’t been more like two or three that you’ve been around for. you’ve put out amazing songs and not just any songs but so many of them have been your songs, songs you’ve all worked so hard to make. everything you do, to me at least, feels special, because i know how much you want to do this and how much work you put into everything you do. from the day of your debut until now, and just like you’ll do in the future, you work so hard and you’ve done so well. best selling rookie artist of last year and overall rookies of the year and everything. it makes me so proud to call myself a bana(na), and i consider myself lucky to have been able to get to know you boys and how crazy and talented you are. i know you have the potential to be at the top so please never stop being yourselves and being the biggest, most ridiculous freaks on the planet. i love you. let’s fly b1a4!

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