happy birthday byun baekhyun! you are a complete clown who lives to embarrass himself and his other members. you get scared of confetti and the faces of your fans because you’re too busy being handsome and greasy to pay attention. you blurt out your love for snsd every chance you can whether it makes sense to or not. you are ridiculously good looking and apparently agree very whole heartedly & i love all it much more than i should. you are cute and funny and a dweeb and very handsome and pretty much perfection in the form of a human boy. just know that all the other companies that came before sm have no idea what they are missing out on and never, ever think you’re missing something, not because of that and not because of your short training period. you work just as hard as everyone else and you deserve everything you get. please enjoy all your birthday swag (especially chanyeol who has given his body to you) and use your free pass to rag on the other members to it’s fullest extent and have the best birthday ever. i love you byuntae bacon

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