ryeowook: when you first saw your members, who did you think was older than you?baekhyun: kai. at that time, i thought he was older than me by a lot. kai is rather scared of strangers, and when he’s with unfamiliar people he gives off a feeling that he’s expressionless; a bit ‘dark’. but once you get close to him, you’ll realise that he’s very bright and happy. ©  

and if i may just take your breath awayi don’t mind if there’s not much to saysometimes the silence guides our minds tomove to a place so far away
the goosebumps start to raisethe minute that my left hand meets your waistand then i watch your faceput my finger on your tongue'cause you love the taste
"boys in thigh highs. boys in dresses. boys in lingerie. boys in all of them and embarrassed" #maid cafe baekai

jongin sits with his sweater draped over his lap, covering up as much of his thighs as he possibly can. it’s too much skin showing in the wrong places, and he’s in the wrong place, and he feels so uncomfortable. his knee high socks are rubbing against his leg hair and it’s already start to itch like crazy.
he regrets not listening to baekhyun’s advice on shaving, but their first shift starts in five minutes so there isn’t much he can do about it now.
he wishes he didn’t have to be here, especially not dressed like this. how did they get so behind on rent? there had to be better jobs than this around right now. he’d clean gum off the floor with his own toothbrush.

“hyung, we can’t start late on our first day. are you almost ready?” he toys with the pink hem of the dress that just barely covers his ass, and decides he just wants to get it over with already.
there are some strange noises coming from behind the panel that separates the two of them, sounds of both physical and mental struggle, and then
“jongin-ah, i know i laughed at you and everything – but don’t laugh at your hyung, okay?”
jongin doesn’t agree nor disagree, as always quiet and reserved, but baekhyun lets out a frustrated huff.
“promise hyung!”
“okay,” jongin placates. “i’m too depressed to laugh at you anyway.”
he’s fiddling with the dark wig sitting awkwardly and slightly lop sided on his head when baekhyun comes out, and with his bangs in his eyes he doesn’t see him walking in on unsteady legs, skirt flouncing with all its cotton ruffles underneath as he wobbles. when it’s in place though and jongin looks up baekhyun’s body slowly - from his feet to the softly curled wig on his head, the makeup on his face - he abruptly stands up so straight his sweater goes flying and the chair skids back, legs scraping noisily on the floor.
true to his word he’s not laughing.
“hyung, you—“
the stupid, awe-struck look on jongin’s face makes baekhyun feel uncharacteristically self-conscious and even more rickety on his feet, a tremble in his knees that he isn’t used to getting around jongin. his hands press down on the front of the skirt of his blue dress and he tries to clear out a lump building in his throat, about the shape of the words “i what?”.
kim jongin are about to start drooling? have you forgotten who i am?  “yah. are you a pervert? remember i’m still a man, so – so stop staring!”
snapped out of his completely transparent daze jongin blinks at baekhyun, but his eyes are still stuck on the few inches of bare thigh between baekhyun’s thigh-high white socks and his dress, and he turns red from the neck up.
feeling exposed, especially with that incredulous look on baekhyun’s face, jongin turns away and tries to walk over to the stack of menus they were supposed to already be handing out. his legs feel like jelly though and these heels are way too high, and he feels hot and humiliated, and he nearly topples over. he grips the menus tight enough to turn his knuckles white and tries to gather himself together.
“let’s just—let’s just go already, we’re late.”
he can feel his blush bleeding all the way down his chest and arms, completely red all over, so he’s reluctant to actually turn around again and leave. despite his words, he instead stands there and faces the wall, hoping baekhyun takes the initiative to leave and wait for him out on the street.
the room goes deceptively quiet, so jongin looks over his shoulder, but baekhyun stands unmoving, watching him, and they both jump a little when their eyes make contact.
defeated, jongin turns around, though slowly, and baekhyun looks both expectant for him to speak and wanting to speak himself. he watches jongin touch his index finger to his lip the way he always does when his anxiety kicks in, and then seems to decide something, walking over to him. jongin immediately goes rigid and holds his breath, so tense that baekhyun can see the menus shaking in his hand.
“kim jongin,” baekhyun says when he’s little more than half a foot away. “—you look pretty.”
baekhyun’s not sure if it’s just jongin’s nerves making him feel nervous in turn but his stomach is churning when he reaches out and touches the long, black wig on jongin’s head, tugging it with gentle fingers until it’s sitting straight on his head. then he combs them through the long strands until they’re tidy against the pale pink of his dress, a nice contrast of colors. and he really does look pretty. he really, really does.
astonished and burning so hot he may catch fire, jongin can only say “hyung…” before he has to look at his feet.
and baekhyun doesn’t know what to do, with either himself or his thoughts. he can feel himself blushing in kind and it makes him feel ridiculous, what the heck am i doing?, so he snatches the menus from jongin’s hand like a brat and huffs out a breath, turning around to drag jongin out to the front of house.
“yah! you’re prettiness has made us late. are you this inconsiderate? we’re going to be fired on the first day, do you realize this? will you take responsibility? is hyung is going to have to get a job washing dishes or cleaning toilets now? you’re such a rude dongsaeng. the worst!”

"minki-ah, there are times when everyone wants to die. it isn’t wrong to have that thought. even if you wanted to, the fact that you endured it was great. you just climbed a very difficult mountain, and while struggling - you did very well. so i am grateful to you and proud of you."
"i thought of the poem. you said 'there is no flower that blooms without being shaken'. teacher, i’m also just the flower being shaken, right?”